Moving Secondary School

So I touched on this in one of my previous posts but I think it deserves its own post because moving schools/starting a new school is soo hard.

I took a lot in me to decide I wanted to move schools. I ummed and ahhed for a while, a good few weeks. I wanted a fresh start, I wanted to go to school closer to my house, I wanted new friends but I just couldn’t push myself to agree it was a good idea and make the jump. Purely because I was so scared. I really wasn’t happy at my school at the time, I would often go into school crying, I had awful headaches and thought the whole year hated me. So I was ultimately the best decision for me to have a fresh start because it couldn’t get much worse.

I finally decided enough was enough when my sister started my school, it was inevitable that she would go to the same school as me, my parents had faked that we were religious for years to get us into the school. I’d thought I had prepared myself for going to the same school with a sibling I didn’t live with. She was like a stranger that had the same blood as me. Sometimes we would walk past each other and say hi, other times we would past each other and totally ignore each other. It was weird. She was in awkward position because she was being fed lies (from mainly my mum) about the situation and me (my upcoming blogs will explain this.) but basically I was in care. I was living in a different county to my family and when my sister came to the same school as me it pushed me over the edge. Nothing could have prepared me for how I felt when I saw her walking around the school corridors or when I saw my parents pick her up in the car park. They often gave me eye contact, but didn’t acknowledge me. Ignored the fact I was their daughter. I had feelings and I was a human. It was just a really messy situation and I wanted to take myself out of the situation before I was even more hurt. Being in care was very raw (actually it still is, and to be honest I don’t think it’s ever going to be any different.) and it just felt like a slap in the face every time I saw her or someone mentioned her name.

I was looking forward to starting my new life in Cambridge. I had lived here for a good few years, so moving schools was really the final piece to the puzzle. Excited but scared my foster mum and I started looking around schools. We looked around a few and I chose one which I really liked, the most modern one, the biggest one, the one that I believed was the best option for me. We ordered my uniform and I received a start date. I then told everyone at my old school, surprisingly I found out everyone didn’t hate me! And that I was actually quite liked (well I was leading up to me leaving anyway ha-ha) it was exciting and I couldn’t wait for the fresh start.

My first day came, I got up super early. Did my hair and makeup and met my head of year in reception, he took me to my new form and that was it. I had started my new school, this was my path to getting good grades, having a fresh start with no reputation and finding new friends (ha-ha if only it was that easy!)
In my next blog I’m going to be talking about my experience at my new school, the ups and downs and just general school life but for now I want to give some tips to anyone who is moving or starting a new school:
– Be yourself, I can’t stress this enough people will see right through you otherwise! Just be yourself and people will love you for who you are.
– Take chewing gum with you, it’s a great way to make new friends.
– Have confidence in yourself, you can do this, you will make new friends but you have to show your confident! Start conversations, answer questions in class.
– Smile! Being smiley is the best thing you could do, it shows your friendly and approachable.
– Join in with anything you can, an after school club, an activity- something that interests you is really important so you can find people who have the same interests as you.
– New places and new things always means there are new opportunities, grab all the opportunities that are given to you, you will regret it if not!
– Make an effort with people, they will already have their established friendship groups so at first it may be hard, just keep pushing through they will soon see how lovely you are and want you to be a part of their friendship group first day at school

I hope you have enjoyed reading my experience of moving schools, it wasn’t easy but I did it!
Next post will be published on Wednesday!
So for now,
Keep smiling
Lauren xoxo

Instagram- @lifeintheeyesoflauren


3 thoughts on “Moving Secondary School

  1. I can’t imagine how low it would have made you feel to not have been acknowledged when your parents saw you at school. Like you said you are human and you have feelings, a little courtesy or civility from them would have probably helped you a lot in those times. Great advice for new students by the way, by the time I moved into my third high school I had pretty much given up in trying to “fit in” and just allowed myself to be me, as a result I still have friends who will call me and vice versa to this day. Really great to see you talking so candidly about things, keep it up!


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